Course curriculum

    1. New Addition: Cell tower FAQs

    2. New addition: Utilizing Aeropoints

    3. New addition: How to install and run Drone Link on your Mavic 3 Remote

    4. Introduction and Objectives (1 of 17)

    5. Section 1 - Introduction Quiz

    6. Cell Tower Inspection Checklist

    7. Photogrammetry (2 of 17)

    8. Photogrammetry Quiz

    9. Vertical vs Horizontal Mapping (3 of 17)

    10. Mission Planning Quiz

    11. Hardware (4 of 17)

    12. Legalities Quiz

    13. Mission planning (5 of 17)

    14. Section 5 - Telecommunication Companies

    15. Image Collection (6 of 17)

    16. Section 6 - Conclusion

    17. Crew Size (7 of 17)

    18. Legalities and Logistics (8 of 17)

    19. Software (9 of 17)

    20. On site troubleshooting (10 of 17)

    21. Picture taking tips (11 of 17)

    22. Challenges (12 of 17)

    23. Lower types (13 of 17)

    24. Jobsite Workflow (14 of 17)

    25. Taking flight of tower (15 of 17)

    26. Onsite review and upload (16 of 17)

    27. Course conclusion (17 of 17)

    28. Final Exam

    29. Cell Tower Practice SOP Resource

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